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  • What is Medicare?
    Medicare is government assisted health insurance offered to seniors and citizens with permanet disability. To read more click on the MEDICARE page.
  • How do I sign up/apply for Medicare?
    After you find out that you are eligble for medicare. You can go to and enroll for medicare. Or you can contact us to help you fill out the forms necessary. To contact us visit the OUR SERVICES page.
  • When do I sign up for Medicare?
    You are eligible to sign up for medicare at the age of 64 and 9 months. You can also sign up if a doctor has diagnosed you as permenantly disabled. To find out about eligibility visit the ORIGINAL MEDICARE page.
  • What is Medicare Part A?
    Medicare Part A is a part of Original Medicare. It covers 80% percent of Hospital care. More information is found in the MEDICARE page.
  • What is Medicare Part B?
    Medicare Part B is a part of Original Medicare. It covers 80% of MEDICAL costs. More information can be found in the MEDICARE page.
  • Do I pay for Medicare?
    Medicare Part A is most likely covered through your work credits. So long as you have worked in the US for 10 years and have paid government taxes, you should have acheived the desired work credits, which is 40. (4 work credits are given per year if the individual is working and paying taxes). However Part B has a mandatory premium of $148.50. There are ways to lower the cost. To find out more reach us under the CONTACT page.
  • How old do I have to be for Medicare?
    You typically have to be 65 years old to qualify for Medicare coverage but coverage can begin earlier if you are diagnosed by a doctor to be permanantly disabled.
  • What is Medicare Advantage?
    Medicare Advantage is an option available under Part C. It includes all benfits of Original Medicare (Parts A and B) but has the advantge of increased benefits provided by private companies. Those benefits may include help covering any copayments that are demanded through Parts A and B. Additional dental, vision, and hearing coverage may also be provided. To help find a Medicare Advantage plan that covers all of your needs, you may get in contact with our team here.
  • What is Medicare Supplement?
    Medicare Supplement is an option that is available under a Part C plan. These plans may help cover the copayments that are demanded through parts A and B. Benefits, such as dental, vision, and hearing, may also be covered. If have you are wanting to learn more about which Medicare Supplement plans are available to you, you can get in co tact with out team here.
  • What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?
    The two main differnces between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement are their costs and their flexibility to see doctors and specialists outside of a network. To compare which plans are best suited to your needs, you can get in touch with our here.
  • What is Medicare Part D?
    Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. Part D can be offered as a stand-alone prescription drug plan, or it can be integrated to your Part C plan. Neglecting to enroll in Part D may result in life long penalties. To find which prescription drug plan is best for you, you can get in touch with our team here.

If you have any questions regarding Medicare that are not answered on this page, please feel free to send an inquiry to our team here.

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